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  1. UV Cable Duct Pipe for Solar Projects

    Elegant Cable Duct HDPE Pipe is a highly flexible & UV Stabilized pipe used for ducting Electrical, USB,OFC mainly for Solar power plants, Solar Rooftof power projects, Underground laying of Electrical cables and other types of cables. Cable Duct pipes are manufactured using superior quality UV resistive PE compound so as to achieve UV resistance & high flexibility. HDPE Cable Duct Pipes are highly flexible as that they can be easily maneuvered around the corners and curves without use of fittings and thereby reducing cost and time of installation. Smooth inner surfaces helps in reducing Internal Co-efficient of Friction (ICF) between cable and pipes thereby allowing easy insertion of cable by drawing or blowing techniques. Elegant Cable Duct Pipes also comes with high resistance to Ultraviolet (UV) rays thereby increasing overall lifespan to well over 25 yrs. High UV resistance allows overhead cable installations reducing trenching cost.
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  2. HDPE Cable Duct Pipe

    Offered HDPE Cable Duct Pipes come with exceptional strength for direct burial cable ducting. HDPE PLB Duct pipes can be employed for trench-less applications, these are provided to address system requirements. HDPE PLB Duct pipes provides fast and easy installation, these are highly productive. These find applications in telecommunication, automatic signaling, computer network, railways information network etc.
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  3. HDPE PLB Cable Duct Coil

    HDPE PLB Cable Duct Coils are high impact cable ducts used for underground cable protection. HDPE PLB Cable Duct are appropriate for cable installation by blowing method or propulsion by rope. PLB Duct Pipe comes with homogeneous inner Permanent Silicon Lubrication layer structure these ensure easy and expedient pulling of cables. Flexibility of these HDPE PLB Duct Pipes obviate the requirement for particular bends.
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