HDPE Perforated Pipe

HDPE Perforated Pipe

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  • HDPE Perforated Pipes

    Elegant HDPE Perforated Pipe is used to accelerate the removal of subsurface water in soils or to allow storm water to percolate into the soil. HDPE pipes are produced with slots or perforations to collect and convey subsurface water to a more favorable location for discharge. The perforations shall be approximately circular and arranged in rows parallel to the axis of the pipe. Elegant HDPE perforated Pipes are available in Full / Half / 1/3rd perforation. The locations of the perforations shall be in the valley of the outside surface.



    ·       Golf courses

    ·       Athletic fields

    ·       Sub surface drainage system for roads/highways

    ·       Storm water drainage

    ·       Detention/retention systems

    ·       Agricultural drainage projects

    ·       Sub surface drainage system for draining excess water from lawns/gardens/agricultural farms

    ·       Sub surface drainage for large construction water logged sites

    ·       Collection of methane & leachate gas from landfill dump

    ·       Sea water intake assembly

    ·       Airport runway sub surface drainage system.


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